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Raised Column Wrap

The product line has always provided exactly what you need to easily beautify a home, and these new Column Wraps live up to that same standard. Beautiful and easy to install around existing structural support, Column Wraps made of Fypon PVC allow you to add the sophistication of traditional columns near the end of a building project -- protecting columns from incidental damage on the job site. For long-lasting beauty, the durable PVC construction will not rot, chip, flake, or peel. So, if you need to add a special touch to a new job or cover an existing eyesore, Column Wraps made of Fypon PVC are the ideal choice for your next project. More Details  

Product CodeShaft WidthShaft Height 
CW8X72RP1BX 8" 72" Learn More
CW8X96RP1BX 8" 96" Learn More
CW8X108RP1BX 8" 108" Learn More
CW8X120RP1BX 8" 120" Learn More
CW8X144RP1BX 8" 144" Learn More
CW10X72RP1BX 10" 72" Learn More
CW10X96RP1BX 10" 96" Learn More
CW10X108RP1BX 10" 108" Learn More
CW10X120RP1BX 10" 120" Learn More
CW10X144RP1BX 10" 144" Learn More
CW12X72RP1BX 12" 72" Learn More
CW12X96RP1BX 12" 96" Learn More
CW12X108RP1BX 12" 108" Learn More
CW12X120RP1BX 12" 120" Learn More
CW12X144RP1BX 12" 144" Learn More